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Monday 11th October 2021

Dear Student,

Re: November 2021 Mock Examination timetable – Year 11

The timetable for the Year 11 Mock examinations in November 2021 is on the reverse of this letter.  Please note down the relevant dates and times and ensure that you are properly prepared for each examination.

These mocks are organised and run the same way that public examinations are so strict examination rules apply.

Under the unique circumstances that we find ourselves in, we kindly request that all students bring at least two black pens (one spare) for all examinations and any other necessary equipment, such as a calculator and pencil. You will understand we must minimise the distribution of stationery. Under no circumstances must you take a mobile phone or any digital devices with you in the examination room. Bottles of water (label must be removed) may be taken into the exam hall.

For all examinations, please meet in the Gallery beforehand.  For AM exams please meet in the Gallery at 8.40am. Please enter through your normal entrance and walk along the Stepney Way path and enter the Gallery through this route. We anticipate morning exams to finish by 11:00.  For PM exams please meet in the Gallery at 13.40pm via the same route. We anticipate afternoon exams to finish by 15:45. Students are expected in lessons as normal when there is not an exam scheduled.

A polite reminder that face masks are mandatory in communal areas. We ask that all students enter the Gallery and all Exam rooms wearing a face mask. During your exams you have the option to remove your mask. Once the exam is over, we expect students to wear a face mask when leaving the Exam room and Gallery.

Departments will provide pupils with any details of extension classes during the examination period.

I wish you the best of luck with all your examinations; I hope you will prepare thoroughly and make this a positive start to the new half-term.

Yours Sincerely


Mr B Siaw

Senior Deputy HeadTeacher



Stepney All Saints School
Y11 Mock Exams
November 2021





AM (08:40)


PM (13:45)



10 Nov




Science 1

Separate (Bio) – 1h 30m

Combined (Bio) – 1h



Languages (Reading)

Beng – French – Spanish

F: 45m – H: 1hr



11 Nov



Maths 1

Non-Calculator – 1h 30m


R.E 1

Islam/Christianity – 1h



12 Nov





Explorations in Creative R+W

1h 45m



Languages (Writing)

Beng – French – Spanish

F: 1h – H: 1hr 15m



15 Nov




Geography / History 1

History: Crime & Punishment – 1h 15m

Geog: Global & UK Issues – 1h 30m



English Literature

Shakespeare – 50m




16 Nov




Option 2 – Paper 1

Computer Science: 1h 30m

ICT: 1h 30m

GCSE P.E: 1h 15m

Drama: 1h 45m



Science 2

Separate (Chem) – 1h 30m

Combined (Chem) – 1h




 17 Nov




Option 1 – Paper 1

Food Tech: 1h

Psychology: 2h

Music: 1h 30m (Listening)



R.E 2

Philosophical Issues – 1h



18 Nov




Media / Sociology

Media: 1h 30m

Sociology: 1h 45m



Maths 2

Calculator – 1h 30m




19 Nov



Science 3

Separate (Phys) – 1h 30m

Combined (Phys) – 1h






22 Nov


Geography / History 2

History: Elizabeth / Germany – 1h 15m

Geog: People & Environment – 1h 30m



Option 2 – Paper 2

Computer Science: 1h 30m

GCSE P.E: 1h 15m



23 Nov




Art & Design / Design & Technology

Full day


Students studying BTEC Business, CAMNAT HSC, and CAMNAT Sports Science will not have any examinations due to the nature of the course.