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A laptop for each student

Our mission is to level an unequal playing field and ensure equality of opportunity for all of our students. Having personal laptops for use in and outside of school will ensure that no student’s achievement is hindered as a result of not having sufficient access to technology.

In March 2021, we were able to purchase brand new lightweight and high specification laptops, and provide every single student with their own device. It is our commitment to ensure that each student attending Stepney All Saints School has a laptop for the duration of their time with us. This will be their laptop to keep and to use for the duration of their time as a student at Stepney All Saints.

Students use their laptop in school for use in lessons and to take them home with them daily to use for homework and further research. We believe that encouraging the use of laptops and access to educational resources will prepare and inspire students to become more active and independent learners.

These laptops were purchased in partnership with the Portal Trust and we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for their support in helping our school and students.