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22nd September 2020

Dear Parents

I hope this notice finds you and your families well.  This will be the first of many notices.  The aim is to provide you with as much information as possible to enable you to support your child in the run up to their 2021 examinations.

This year saw the unprecedented step of the lockdown forcing the government to close schools and cancel examinations for both A level and GCSE.  A challenging period of time saw teaching shift to Google classroom placing emphasis on independent learning and enhanced teacher instruction.

There is now even greater emphasis on the partnership between home and school and as an institution we will continue to assess our practices to ensure that we continue to improve in supporting learning at home.

Over the past few weeks as a school we have been focusing on the work that was delivered over the school closure.  We want to reassure you that we will assess students’ progress and set work accordingly to ensure students addresses any gaps in their knowledge or understanding and catch up with the curriculum.

Google classroom

Parents will now be familiar with Google classroom and it being mention at home.  This is an essential tool for us to deliver new content, homework and catch-up classes.  All parents’ emails will be linked to the Google classroom; you will be notified when work has been set, teachers will also be able to send messages directly to both you and your child.  Students should join their Year 11 classroom and in support of this Mrs Jech and the team will be posting useful information to help students in the run up to the exams.

Parent View APP

Please ensure you have logged on to Parents’ App.  This gives you instant access to information about your child in school, including an outline of behaviour and attendance.  We will soon activate the enrichment part of the app which will give you up to date attendance of After School Tuition (AST). Details on how to download the app can be found on our website.

Revision Timetable/independent learning

It is essential that your child has already engaged with a revision timetable.  We have supplied every student with a revision timetable, which they have in their planners and I have included a copy below:

Year 11 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Option 1






Option 3



Students can amend their timetable to suit them.  Two to three hours of independent learning per day is recommended to enable successful learners and I urge you to ensure your child is already revising for their mock examinations.

After School Tuition

Along with Google classroom we will be using targeted AST to first ensure students catch up and cover gaps in their learning.  Secondly, to ensure students are meeting and exceeding expectation.  AST takes place after school.

Year 11

Year 11 AST 

3.15pm – 4.15pm

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
WEEK 1 MFL RE Staff meeting

(Academic tutoring)

English Option 3
WEEK 2 Option 1 Science Staff meeting (Academic tutoring) Mathematics Option 2

We are looking forward to this year and it is pleasing to see the students back at school.  If you have any questions in regards to the content of this letter or another enquiry please do contact Ms Jech, Mr Kabir, Mr Cameron or myself on .

Yours sincerely

Ben Siaw

Senior Deputy Headteacher