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COVID-19 Outbreak Contingency Plan

View COVID-19 Risk Assessment

View COVID-19 Outbreak Contingency Plan

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Admissions Policy – Secondary School (2020-2021) View Admissions Policy 20-21 Mar 2019
Admissions Policy – Secondary School (2021-2022) View Admission Policy 21-22 Oct 2020
Admissions Policy – Secondary School (2022-2023) View ADMISSION POLICY 22-23 Reviewed OCT 21 Oct 2021
Anti-Bullying Policy View Anti-bullying policy June 2021 June 2021
Attendance and Punctuality Procedure View  Attendance Policy Sept 2020 Sept 2020
Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Addendum – COVID-19

View SASS Behaviour Policy OCT 21

View Behaviour Policy Addendum June 2021


Oct 21

June 2021

CEIAG Policy


View SASS CEIAG policy (DEC 2019)


Dec 2019


Charging and Remissions Statement View Charging Remissions Policy MAR 21 Mar 2021
Children with Health  Needs who cannot attend school Policy View Children with Health Needs Mar 21 Mar 2021
Complaints Policy View Complaints Policy (Dec 2019) Dec 2019
Data Protection Policy View Data protection Policy MAR 2021 Mar 2021
Designated Teacher for looked after students View Designated teacher policy Looked After Children Policy MAR21 Mar 2021
Disabled Access Policy View Disabled Access Policy MAR 2021 Mar 2021
Drugs & Alcohol Misuse Policy View Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Policy Jan 21 Jan 2021
English as an Additional Language Policy View EAL Policy April 2021 Apr 2021
Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy


Equality Statement & Objectives

View Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

View Equality Statement & Objectives – 2020-21

Mar 2020


Sep 2020

Public Sector Equality Duty Statement View  Public Sector Equality Duty Statement SEP 2021 Sep 2021
Inclusion Policy View Inclusion Policy (Oct 2020) Oct 2020
Medical Policy View Medical Needs and First Aid policy June 21 June 2021
Newly Qualified Teacher Policy View NQT Policy MAR 2021 Mar 2021
ECT Policy View ECT induction policy OCT 21 Oct 2021
Remote Learning Policy View Remote-Learning-Policy MAR 2021 Mar 2021
Relationships and Sex Education Policy View RSE Policy MAR 21 Mar 2021
Safeguarding Policy (inc. Child Protection, E-Safety, Prevent, Visitors to the school, Life in Modern Britain, Visiting Speakers/ Visitors, Venue Booking, Acceptable User Policy and Safer Recruitment)

Safeguarding Addendum – COVID-19

View Safeguarding Policy OCT 21




View Safeguarding Addendum


Oct 2021





Jan 2021

School Rules View School Rules Annually
SEND Policy

SEND Report

View SEND Policy June 21

View SEND Report

June 2021

June 2021

Sixth Form Admissions Policy (2020-21) View Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2020 2020 -2021
Sixth Form Admissions Policy (2020-21)


COVID 19 – Sixth Form Admissions Policy Addendum

View Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2021


View COVID 6th form admission addendum June 2021



June 2021



June 2021

Snow and Bad Weather Procedure (reviewed as part of the Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Policy) View Emergency Closure and Adverse Weather Procedures Feb 2019
The All Saints Way View The All Saints Way NA
Uniform List View Uniform/Equipment List Annually