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This page updates parents/carers with medical advice and information from our Medical Needs Co-ordinator, Ms Anderson (Mon-Weds), and Ms Vella (Thurs-Fri).

If you would like further information, support and advice regarding your child’s medical conditions, please contact them directly.

Parents can also contact and speak to a nurse at the Tower Hamlets School Health and Wellbeing team on 0203 950 7176.

The school also has a Medical Policy which outlines all procedure – this policy can be found here.

Infectious Illness and Chicken Pox

If your child is off school with an infectious illness, especially chicken pox, please inform or Medical Coordinator or the Attendance Officer  immediately.  This is to safeguard students with weakened immune systems who may need to receive urgent medical treatment.

Amendment of Medical Records

If your child no longer has Asthma or any other condition that you have notified us about then please provide a letter to the school from their GP or consultant stating this so we can amend our records.  If it has not been confirmed by a medical professional then you are still required to provide the school with an inhaler, Adrenaline pen  or other spare medication as per the Medical Policy.