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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

How we support children/ young people with special educational needs or disabilities

Type of school/college we are & Admission Policy for students with SEND:

Our School is an all ability co-educational school for girls and boys aged 11-19. The Governing Body is responsible for the admission of pupils and admits 208 pupils to Year 7 each September. This admission limit has been agreed between the Governing Body and the Local Authority.
A child with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) naming. Stepney All Saints School  will be offered a place, unless there are particular reasons why the School is unable to do so. The place will be provided in the appropriate band of ability. Please read our schools Admissions Policy to find out more about admissions for students with SEND.

How we know if a child/young person has special educational needs

During the summer term before children start the school, we invite all the parents/carers in the school to interviews where information about your child can be shared to enable us to plan any support that may be necessary. We also visit each primary school in yr6 to meet pupils with SEND and to attend any review meetings to discuss pupils’ needs with teachers and parents.   If a child has SEND it is very important that they get the support they need as soon as possible. In order to do this, all pupils are assessed during their first 3 weeks at the school.
A Learning Support Assistant is allocated to each year 7 tutor group for the first two weeks, to help identify any additional needs that may have been missed. Any concerns raised by the tests or the Learning Support Assistant may be passed to one of our SEND teachers for further investigation.
Our regular assessment and monitoring procedures continue throughout your child’s time at the school to help us adjust support as necessary. This includes regular ‘progress reviews’ which provide teachers with the opportunity to share information with the Learning Development Department to review Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and EHCPs.

How we check that a child/young person is making progress and how we keep parents informed:

We work hard to communicate with parents. We have a monthly newsletter with general news about the school, and the school website is regularly updated with information. We have academic review days and parent’s evenings which give parents an opportunity to meet with tutors and teachers at least 3 times a year.
For pupils with SEND, we also have regular reviews with parents for pupils with IEPs and EHCPs. Pupils’ progress is monitored rigorously. We have regular tracking which provides the SENCo with information about pupil progress in different subjects. Learning Support Assistants regularly keep notes of pupil progress which is reviewed by the SENCo each month. Additionally, SEND teachers and LSAs keep progress records for all pupils that they work with in small groups or one-to-one. All of this information is available to parents upon request as well as during set meeting times.

Support we offer for children’s/young people’s health and general wellbeing:

At Stepney All Saints we believe that the health and well-being of our pupils is the responsibility of the whole school community. However, some members of staff have particular responsibilities. The school’s Medical Coordinator has responsibility for updating the medical records and care plans of pupils. They work in conjunction with Mr Cameron (Assistant Headteacher) and the school nurse to keep these up to date and circulated to relevant staff.
Medicines can be stored at school so that pupils can access them when needed, under supervision. We also have a large team of trained first aiders.
We have high expectations of behaviour at the school, and some pupils may need support in improving their behaviour. Although HOYS have an overall responsibility for behaviour in their year group, they are supported by a larger pastoral network. We have three Behavioural Support Assistants who work across the five year groups to support challenging behaviour, and work with the Heads of Year to develop good behaviour. We have a Learning Mentor, behaviour specialist teacher and a school counsellor who are available to work with pupils with ongoing emotional or behavioural difficulties. We have a team of Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) who help coordinate the support and care of pupils with ASD and SLCN. We also have a Learning Support Unit which, when necessary, can be used to accommodate pupils demonstrating challenging behaviour.

We are keen to maintain very high levels of attendance at Stepney All Saints. To do this, attendance is regularly monitored by Heads of Year and the attendance welfare officer.

Pupil voice is taken very seriously at Stepney All Saints. We have a school council which meets regularly with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss issues of interest or concern to pupils. The council is elected by each tutor group. We encourage pupils with SEND to take part in this. Pupils with SEND need to be listened to in regard to their learning. Opportunities to do this are used during reviews of support plans and in other meeting with parents and teachers.

Specialist external services we use when we think extra help is needed:

We have developed good links with Phoenix Outreach to provide an inclusive environment with pupils with high functioning autism. Although we are not a specialist school in this area of SEND, we have managed to educate and integrate our pupils with ASD very well. We have experience of delivering interventions to pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties, dyslexia and Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties. We have used advice and support from the LEA SEN team;  and from the Specific Learning Difficulties Team, Speech Languages and Communication Team and Behaviour Support Team. Educational Psychology Service, Hearing and Visual Impairment Services, Social Services, Police & Community Support. The Local Authority SEN offer can be found here;

The training our staff have had or are getting:

Every year we have 5 days of staff training, where teaching and learning, including that of SEND pupils is a regular part. Our SENDCo is a qualified assessor for dyslexia and special exam arrangements and the team of SEN teachers are all experienced in working with pupils with a variety of Special Educational Needs. We also have a team of HLTAs who specialise in work with students who have been diagnosed with ASD or SLCN. They liaise regularly with the SENDCo, Phoenix outreach  and our allocated speech and language therapist.

How we involve children/young people in activities, school trips and their education:

Our trips and activities are accessible to all of our pupils and additional members of staff are made available on trips for support and supervision for pupils who need it. Details of trips are shared with parents and a risk assessment is carried out before agreeing any trips. Students contribute to all of their SEN reviews. This is achieved through on going conversation with them, and through more formal verbal and written contribution by students in reviews and meeting.

Access facilities for pupils with SEND:

Most of the school building is wheelchair accessible and there is also classroom accessibility for those with mobility issues. There are disabled access toilets in all areas of the school. Please read our schools Disabled Access Policy to find out more about accessibility in the school for students with SEND.

How we prepare for children/young people joining our school and leaving our school:

Children joining our school from primary school will visit our school in the summer term together with all the other new pupils. They will get the opportunity to meet key staff and other pupils. As part of our transition work, primary schools invite us to meet parents and carers at the primary school to plan the transition. When pupils with Special Educational Needs start at our school, they can be paired with a buddy to support them for their first few days or weeks.
Pupils with Special Educational Needs who join us later in their school career have the opportunity to visit us before they start so that we can plan support in liaison with their current school.
Pupils are tested when they arrive to help us identify any needs that a pupil may have with their learning.
As our pupils grow up they may choose to study at our sixth form or at another sixth form college. One of our SEND teachers works closely with each student and their teachers to ensure that they choose appropriate courses and colleges and to share information with any people who would be working with the child. For pupils with an EHCP, Annual Reviews take place in December and this will include a formal consultation by the Local Authority with a named placement. We also assist in arranging interviews and visits to sixth form colleges with pupils in consultation with the Tower Hamlets Careers Service. Parents are involved in this at an early stage and discussions are held in reviews in years 10 and 11.

How parents are involved in school life:

We have a parents’ forum which meets on a regular basis. All parents are encouraged to join this. As mentioned, we have a monthly newsletter and academic review days and parent’s evenings 3 times a year. For students with Special Educational Needs, we also have regular reviews with parents for IEPs and EHCPs. Students joining us in Year 7 with an EHCP will have an eight week planning meeting to help the school and parents plan the SEN support for that year.

Who to contact for more information or to discuss a concern:

Once a child starts at Stepney All Saints School, contact details are shared with parents to ease communication. The child’s tutor, teachers, Head of Year and the SENDCo are all easily contacted by telephone or email. Day to day issues can be dealt with by the tutor or subject teacher. More serious concerns or issues specifically to do with SEN can be dealt with by the Head of Year or the SENDCo.  We also have a clear complaints procedure which applies to all complaints, including those related to SEN provision. If a parent of a child with Special Educational Needs is considering choosing SJCR, it is recommended that they speak to the SENDCo, Ms Alex Bell. The SENCo can be contacted on 0207 790 6712 ext.139 or by email – She is happy to discuss matters over the phone or to meet you at our school.

Our school ensures that date on the levels and types of need within the school is available to the local authority to help with strategic planning on SEND support. This data is collected through the School Census.

Our offer to children with special educational needs and disabilities will be reviewed in June 2021 along with the SEND Policy.


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