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Headteacher letter 9.6.20

9th June 2020

Dear Parents / carers,

As a school community we have been greatly affected by recent events all around the world and specifically in America with the murder of George Floyd. These events have once again reminded us of how disgusting racism is and the impact it has on our society and on individuals all over the world. It highlights yet again what Black communities have had to deal with throughout history and we are united in our support of these communities at this time.

As a school we are proud to be at the heart of its community; we acknowledge that racism continues to exert its pernicious grip here too in the United Kingdom. We stand with the Black and Asian communities in the fight against racism and we are proud as a school to be an anti-racist school. We actively teach our students the power of equality, diversity and respect for all.

As a school, reform of our curriculum is a current top priority and we have been engaging in this work for the last two years. We will continue this work and ensure that our curriculum is fair, equal and unbiased. We have seen over the last days many commentators and individuals assert the power of education as the key to break down these prejudices and to eliminate the scope and impact of racism.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Woods