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Letter from the Head of Year 7

October 2020 Year 7 update Dear Parents/Carers, As we approach the end of a very busy half term I am pleased to share with you some updates and key information  for when year 7 return after the break. Changes to school timetable Adjustments have been made to the school day for year 7 students. This […]

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HEADTEACHER’S LETTER 16.10.20 16th October 2020 Dear families It has been an incredibly busy half term that seems to be flying by. Students have settled into their timetables and there is a very industrious atmosphere round school as you observe our young people engaging with their learning. The second half of this term is fast […]

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Medical Update

A reminder to parents to send any emergency medication for your child to school asap. If your student attended hospital over the summer or in lockdown, please inform Ms Anderson (Medical Coordinator) so that she is aware and can support if needed.

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Headteacher’s letter + guidance in the event of the closure of school “bubbles”

2nd October 2020 Dear families I am writing to you after yet another busy week. I would like to congratulate our students for their continued maturity in commitment to their learning in these difficult times. Attendance has been superb since we have returned and your support has been appreciated. The purpose of this letter is […]

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Letter to Year 11 parents / carers

22nd September 2020 Dear Parents I hope this notice finds you and your families well.  This will be the first of many notices.  The aim is to provide you with as much information as possible to enable you to support your child in the run up to their 2021 examinations. This year saw the unprecedented […]

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Headteacher’s letter + attendance guidance (COVID19)

22nd September 2020 Dear parents / carers, Thank you for your continued support in getting all pupils back into school safely over the past month. All of us are committed to providing the best education possible for your child, while securing the health and safety of our whole school community. Thank you for continuing to […]

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Letter to Years 7-11 parents – Hegarty maths

Thursday 17th September 2020 Dear Parents/Guardians, We are delighted to have our students back with us in school.  This year, to assist their virtual learning in Mathematics we have subscribed to an interactive online platform, Hegarty Maths.  All students have received their login details during lessons and they will need the internet to access […]

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